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Your data, simply there

Want diabetes data, motivation and detailed reports at your fingertips? Download the mySugr app now.
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Learn how we make diabetes suck less

The mySugr App

The mySugr App

The mySugr app is your reliable companion, allowing you to monitor and manage your diabetes right on your smartphone. Download today to discover wonderful features like blood sugar and food tracking, medication logging, estimated HbA1c and more.

mySugr Bundle

mySugr Bundle

Why not try the mySugr bundle? The mySugr Bundle Starter kit includes a blood glucose meter, test strips, a lancing device and personal coaching on a monthly subscription basis, making diabetes suck less.

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Your mySugr Coach is a highly-trained Certified Diabetes Educator. Your coach will help you define and achieve personal health goals like lowering blood sugars, losing weight, receiving support during pregnancy or managing your diabetes while training for

Diabetes Care As Easy As...

...having the right articles right at your fingertips.

The mySugr Vision

We envision a world where people  with diabetes can live full and healthy lives, free from worrying about the daily grinds of their therapy. In short, we want to make diabetes suck less! And with over 2 million registered users in more than 70 countries, we’re well on our way.


What Our Users Say About mySugr

You are one of a few bright spots in healthcare. Thank you for making sure my 10yo great nephew keeps supplies on hand and his single dad can afford it! Your service is amazing.
Laura K. via Twitter
June 2018
I totally rely on and love your app. Having had diabetes more than 30 years, what you guys created and maintain is probably the most essential force in my life. I am grateful beyond words.
Jewel D. via Facebook
April 2020
I love being able to open this app and tell my Doctor exactly how many times my blood sugar went high over the last three months. A1C prediction is an excellent tool to have.
Susan T. via Instagram
July 2019

More than 2 million registered users. 4.6 stars user experience rating.

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