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2 million lives impacted. Celebrating a big milestone with you.

11/8/2019 by mySugr

2 million lives impacted. Celebrating a big milestone with you.

Seven years ago, mySugr came to life when four feisty founders (try saying that fast, three times in a row!) came together to pursue a simple, yet audacious mission: make diabetes suck less. Today, the app has just logged its two millionth registration around the globe. We’re pretty damn stoked about that.

mySugr founders

From a lousy state of play... 

There were a couple of things that really struck us, back in the early days.  We knew that living with diabetes sucked – it still does. We knew that the therapy experience for people with diabetes was awful - it’s getting better.  And that the language used to talk to people with diabetes was intimidating and alienating.   Feedback loops were also arduously long. So all in all, it was not a very pretty state of affairs.  

To simple, fun, educational and healthy. 

Knowing all this, we decided to create an app you could get your hands on anywhere.  An app that empowered people to stick two fingers up at diabetes. And we focused our development plan on four core themes: simplicity, fun, education and health.  We believed then, as we still do today, that making an app that requires less thinking, that makes engaging with therapy enjoyable, that talks to people with zero judgment, and that delivers real therapeutic benefits was crucial.  And so, two million registrations ago, mySugr was born.


People like you are people like us. 

Of course hitting milestones feels good.  But for us, this milestone is much more than just enjoyable.  It’s an important reminder of the impact we have in the lives of our users.  People who live every day with diabetes. Like so many of us at mySugr do. It’s a responsibility that we take very seriously.

So, when are we going to hit the next 2 million?

Looking ahead, we won’t make any big promises or dramatic claims just yet.  Except this: we’re going to keep working to make diabetes suck less. And to give it everything we’ve got.  We live with diabetes too and see you, our users, as one of us. We want you to keep on seeing and feeling that in everything we do.  As we keep kicking that pesky diabetes monster’s ass together.

So, to sign off... thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives.  And for trusting us. And for sticking around and recommending us enough to help us hit this milestone.  Let’s keep going together!   

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