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Living with Diabetes

The Diabetes Community and Why It Matters

11/8/2021 by mySugr

The Diabetes Community and Why It Matters

There’s strength in numbers as they say. Whether you’re a diabetes veteran or you’ve just been diagnosed, having a community you can reach out to for support and advice is worth its weight in gold. We know that diabetes brings both good and not so good days, and that the tricky days can sometimes feel a little lonely. A community of fellow diabuddies can help combat that loneliness, help you find comfort, and feel the love.

It may be the case that you don’t know anyone else among your friends or family living with diabetes. It can be tough having to explain all things diabetes-related over and over again. So if you want to rant about your time in range or celebrate your diaversary, that’s where your diabuddies come in.

There’s a diatribe out there for everyone. Whether you find your community online, at a support group, or through friends of friends, having people to talk to who just get it will help you enormously throughout your diabetes journey.

We reached out to some people living with diabetes and asked them why the diabetes community is so important and how it helps them.

Here’s what they had to say:

Sean, living with type 1 diabetes

After being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, Sean was able to find comfort in becoming part of an online diabetes community. He also highlighted the fact that the diabetes community is a great resource for knowledge and even friendship.

“The diabetes community has been so helpful in working through the initial shock of my diagnosis. Alongside that, it’s so nice to be able to ask questions and share stories with people who understand first hand the burden of diabetes, and I’ve made some wonderful friends from the community!”

Keith, living with type 2 diabetes

Keith told us that the diabetes community is a great resource for sharing tips and struggles. Being able to connect with people that understand exactly what you’re going through is a great comfort. He also finds the community a great source of motivation which is super important for people living with diabetes.

“Being a part of the diabetes community is important because I get to meet other diabetics that go through the same struggles as I do. Being able to talk to others who understand the daily fight is an ease to the mental strength needed to keep going. You get to learn new ways to fight diabetes from individuals who have been living with it longer than you have, that can offer plans and ideas on maintaining a healthier glucose level as well as I, myself get to share my journey and tips to others. Keeping each other motivated is really a strong thing for all diabetics.”

Jen, living with type 1 diabetes

Jen creates wonderful artwork focused on diabetes. By promoting her art online, she discovered a wonderful diabetes community which provides her with strength and support. She told us that it’s amazing and inspiring to be part of a community filled with compassionate and supportive people.

“I didn't find the diabetes community until 5 years into my diagnosis and gosh I wish I’d found it earlier! To me it seems like a necessary balance to living a life with T1D, that is being part of the online community. You won't be judged, questioned or bullied as to how you manage your own diabetes, instead you will be supported, applauded and inspired. As C.S King said, "The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." I wholeheartedly agree with that in terms of the T1D community.”

Lucy, living with type 1 diabetes

Lucy told us all about how the diabetes community helped her see her diagnosis as something positive. She formed friendships within the community who helped her understand that she is so much more than her diabetes.

“When I first was diagnosed as a diabetic, I felt so much shame and guilt. I felt alone and misunderstood but then I found the social media diabetic community and it allowed me to meet other people who understood the daily struggles of being a diabetic. It’s turned my diagnosis into something positive, I know now that diabetes is part of me not all of me. I have met some amazing people who are now friends because of the diabetes community. Having a community allows us to belong to something more than just being labeled a “diabetic”.”

Z Cevik, living with type 1 diabetes

Z Cevik lives with type 1 diabetes and made the great point that being part of a diabetes community is a great way to stay up to date on all the diabetes related news. There are always inspirational diabuddies fighting for the cause and the world of diabetes technology is ever changing. Knowing what’s going on in the world of diabetes is both empowering and important. Knowledge is power!

“The diabetes community is important to me because I have type 1 diabetes and want to always learn, share, and be part of the community to gain better control, achieve a better HBA1C, and a greater accuracy of carb count. It’s a great way to stay updated about diabetes technology and research as we fight for people with diabetes to get the help and support they need, like free insulin and medical devices for all diabetics around the world.”

You don’t need to do diabetes alone.

There’s no doubt that your friends and family are able to provide you with amazing support, but having a space within a community of other people with diabetes means that you can share your journey with people that just get you.

The diabetes community can act like a safety net at times when you feel like you’re losing control. Diabuddies can lift you up when you’re feeling down or celebrate milestones with you. The diabetes community is also a wonderful resource for knowledge! There’s going to be someone out there that has been through the same things as you. The same struggles, the same confusions, and the same proud moments. There’s also going to be someone that has the answer to any diabetes-related questions you might have. So get inspired, get in touch, and find your diatribe today!

Tips on how to find your community on and offline:

  • See if there are any diabetes support groups in your area. Some groups even hold regular meetings which are great for socialising and exchanging ideas.
  • Want to find an online community but don’t know where to start? Try filtering your search by interest. A fan of food and cooking? Or do you prefer arts and crafts? Try searching by hashtag on Instagram (e.g. #diabeticfoodies or #diabetesart) and find like-minded diabuddies in just a few clicks.
  • Check out Clubhouse. A drop-in audio chat platform. People host talks on specific topics and there is a ton of diabetes related content going on. You can drop-in on talks given by other diabuddies and reach out to others on the platform.
  • Why not start a blog? Many of your favourite influencers living with diabetes started off blogging their diabetes journey. Blogging is a great way to open up about your experiences and also get in touch with other people living with diabetes around the world.
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