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Happy Holidays (with diabetes) 2016!

12/21/2016 by Scott Johnson

Happy Holidays (with diabetes) 2016!

Diabetes can feel harder during this time of year with hot chocolate, eggnog, and holiday treats lurking around every corner.  But don’t let that spoil the season! Remember, it's crazy for people without diabetes, too!

Nevertheless, we looked at our data and found that numbers, in general, are up across the board during the holidays (except for lows... duh). That makes sense, right? Maybe a strengthened sense of willpower pulls you through, or maybe you're comfortable with the holidays being more relaxed than the rest of the year. Whichever way you go, we hope you enjoy our holiday insights and will dive into the new year with renewed resolution to make it the best yet!
There you have it! Thanks for sharing a few minutes of your time with us! And remember, it's not a bad idea to check in with yourself after the holidays to see how you're feeling and decide if you need to make any adjustments.

Scott Johnson

Almost famous for his addiction to Diet Coke, Scott has lived well with diabetes for almost forty years and is currently the Patient Engagement Manager, USA for mySugr. He's been an active pioneer in the diabetes social media space for more than fifteen years and manages his award-winning blog, when time allows.

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