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Living with Diabetes

Diabetes Is a Major Time Suck

11/21/2019 by Ilka Gdanietz

Diabetes Is a Major Time Suck

Honestly, how many times a day do you think about diabetes? Some of you might say “not often enough” while others would answer “clearly too many”.

According to a 2014 Stanford University publication, people with diabetes make up to 180 diabetes-related decisions every day.


This means that your diabetes monster sneaks up on you 180 times a day.  

Some of you might not even notice. Personally, I often don’t even notice diabetes-related decisions and thoughts anymore.

Why’s that?

Because, over my 30 years of living with diabetes, the monster somehow became an invisible companion. We’re all creatures of habit and we easily get used to certain circumstances.

That’s not to say that getting used to diabetes makes living with it any less exhausting, or stressful.

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Diabetes is a Time Thief

Whether you notice it or not, diabetes takes up a lot of time. Valuable time. Time that could be spent in a much more productive way.

Unfortunately, your diabetes monster can’t be flicked away like a stray piece of lint.

Have you ever counted how often diabetes pops up in your everyday life?

Every look at your CGM, every calculation of carbs, every thought of possible complications, every thought of whether you have all your diabetes supply with you, blood glucose checks, catheter changes…!

Every single one of these moments, however small, takes away a small bit of our freedom. The freedom to think about, and do, cool, beautiful things. 

Hand with counts


One pretty cool Diabetes Community Challenge is focused on the topic of time, as part of diabetes month in November.

The Instagram Challenge, started by “Pioneers Young” from Sweden, is about capturing every moment in a day you spend thinking about diabetes by marking it on your wrist. At the end of the day, you post a picture of your hand with  #sTr1peD, on Instagram.

For every #sTr1peD hashtag, Pioneers Young donates 10 Krona to T1international.  Some of our mySugr monster tamers joined the challenge as well. Find out more on our mySugr Instagram page. 

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Ilka Gdanietz

She's a diabetes veteran, Nutella lover and pump user all rolled into one. Ilka is mySugr's communications person for the German side of things and in her spare time writes a blog