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Living with Diabetes

Do the diabetes police make you mad?

3/28/2019 by mySugr

Do the diabetes police make you mad?

No matter what variation of diabetes you have, you no doubt have encountered the diabetes police. You know the sort.

They are well-meaning but do not likely have diabetes themselves. They witness you engaging in some activity they disapprove of and they spring into action to educate you on the error of your ways. They may not wear the official uniform of their trade, but they get to pat themselves on the back for surely saving your day by slapping some snack or drink out of your hand.


The diabetes police are everywhere. They themselves are NOT a person with diabetes (PWD), but they think they know more about it than, say, a person who has lived with the condition most of their life (insert eye-roll here). Most diabetes police don’t understand the crucial auto-immune component that plays a role in some types of diabetes, and the complicated factors involved in others. But they sure are passionate (read, pushy) about warning you of the dangers of your lifestyle and thus they don a cape and fly in at any chance to educate you. Aren’t you lucky? FACT: Diet and exercise help with diabetes management, but it’s no one else’s business how you live your life. No one knows what you are going through with diabetes or your day-to-day life in general! As always, in our effort to help ‘make diabetes suck less’, We wanted to offer up three tried and true methods for responding to these well-meaning passersby in life. Which response method you choose can be based solely on your level of relationship with the diabetes police, or your level of frustration with diabetes, in general, that day. You do you.
  1. Embrace a little humor. “FREEZE – You forgot your uniform, Food Police!” Sometimes a little laughter goes a long way. A well-prepared humorous answer will go far in lowering your own irritation and perhaps the levity will help them see that they are hovering a bit too much.
  2. Educate & Advocate. This one pairs well with option 1 but EDUCATION can go far in preventing repeat offenders. The mySugr website has a handy blog chalked full of handy information you can easily search and send to the well-meaning, but often misguided, diabetes police in your life. Chances are they truly didn’t know all the details, or at the very least you’ll be showing them that you DO know all you need to keep yourself at peak performance without hecklers from the audience. So, pick your topic, do a search, and copy that link! If you don’t see what you are searching for, you can subscribe for updates and REQUEST topics you want to read about. We have a team of contributors just begging to give you more information!
  3. Ignore & Walkaway. Honestly, this is one we’ve all used at least once. Granted it lacks the social graces of option 1 & 2, but somedays we just ‘can’t even’. When a stranger at a restaurant sees you check your BG and dose, then comments on that plate of pasta in front of you, the struggle is real. Resist the urge to toss the breadsticks at their head and just rise above. In the end, you know what you are doing, and you’re doing it #likeaboss.
Have a funny Diabetes Police story? Join us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and SHARE your #FunnyNotFunny experiences with us and let's laugh our way to greater awareness together!


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