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Do you remember what happened...

3/28/2019 by mySugr

Do you remember what happened...

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A guy walks into his endocrinologist’s office and the doc asks, ‘So, lemme see your logs.’

And the guy stares into the abyss trying to remember everything he ate for the past three months. Sound familiar? Hey, no judgment, we get it. Keeping logs is hard work and finding a solid way to track all the data that could possibly impact your blood glucose levels for months on end is a big task. But the reality is, it’s important that you feed that Memory Monster in order to keep your body running at maximum potential.


We’ve all been that guy. The one who looks blankly at their doctor when asked why their BG’s ran super high 5 Tuesday’s ago at 2 pm. It’s enough to make you chuckle at the absurdity as you try to remember if that was the office Taco Tuesday Social or if that was the day the rain came and your blood sugar’s soared because of purple cats like algebra (or any other completely random reason)!

Diabetes is no joke, but sometimes you gotta laugh at these moments of ridiculousness because truth be told, sometimes we really don’t know why our levels do what they do.

Before you give up, though, think about this. What information would you provide to an ER doc if you came in for, say, a broken leg? They’d want a detailed intake on what exactly caused you to break your leg because knowing how you injured yourself will help them know how to treat/set the bone.

While diabetes isn’t acute like a broken bone, the concept is similar. An endocrinologist without logs and data is working with one hand behind their back. They don’t have the information to see the whole picture.

FACT: One data point, weeks ago, isn’t a whole picture. Having MORE data available allows you to spot patterns and trends.

Logging can make a difference in your treatment plan and communication with your doctor. Medical professionals are smart, but they aren’t omniscient. You have to give them the data, so they can guide you in making the changes you need on your journey with diabetes. For that matter, tracking this data could help you make small changes in between appointments to keep you in fighting shape too.

This is one of the main reasons we love the mySugr App. No more paper logs to keep track of and carry around, one simple app can track all that info right on your smartphone and help ‘make diabetes suck less’.

In fact, our own Scott Johnson described the transformation in his own check-ups on our blog post in August of last year titled: Paper is for origami, not diabetes logbooks. In it he said:

“With my entries logged into mySugr app, I have a ton of great information for my doctor. My appointments become full of useful interaction and great feedback, starting with the PDF reports. Additionally, with the mySugr Bundle, I have access to mySugr Coach. That means I can reach out to certified diabetes coaches right through the app anytime I need help or have questions. And because they have access to my readings through mySugr, the answers I get are personalized and fit my situation exactly.”

Don’t get completely bamboozled by diabetes. A little planning, a little fortitude, and a smidge of humor while you track will carry you well when that quirky memory monster has you fumbling for a forgotten midnight stroll through the ice-cream in your freezer. Got a funny story about logging or log-lapses, join us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and share your #FunnyNotFunny experiences with us.

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