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Feature Update: Fiasp® now in mySugr Insulin Calculator

8/6/2018 by mySugr

Feature Update: Fiasp® now in mySugr Insulin Calculator

Breaking news! We added another insulin to our list and now you can finally use Fiasp® with the mySugr Insulin Calculator.

Have you searched for Fiasp® in the Insulin Calculator settings, only to be disappointed that it wasn’t there? Great news for you, my friend! It’s been added to the list of available insulins!

Some background

Fiasp® is faster-acting insulin aspart and has demonstrated a faster onset of action compared to the conventional formulation of insulin aspart (NovoRapid), thanks to addition of niacinamide (vitamin B3). The mySugr Insulin Calculator is a powerful tool, and your safety is our utmost concern. We take care to properly understand and test any changes before releasing updates. While it may have felt like a long time to see this change hit the public, it’s all for your safety, and when that’s the topic at hand, we’ll take whatever time necessary to make sure it’s done right.

So together, our Data Science team and Novo Nordisk intensively investigated what using Fiasp® in the mySugr Insulin Calculator looks like. They found some exciting things that we can’t share quite yet – but we’re working on that. Stay tuned! The teams satisfied all requirements from a Risk Assessment perspective, so we’ve added Fiasp to the list of insulins available. Please note again: we only added Fiasp® to the list of available insulins, the algorithm of the Bolus Calculator stayed the same. Nevertheless, if you would like to adjust your insulin action time in the mySugr Insulin Calculator to be Fiasp®-matched, please talk to your doctor. With the addition of Fiasp® in the settings of the Bolus Calculator, you can now find the most commonly used fast-acting insulin analogs on our list.


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