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Living with Diabetes

Grocery run recap on Coaches Corner

4/10/2020 by mySugr

Grocery run recap on Coaches Corner

In this episode of Coaches Corner with Scott K. Johnson and the mySugr Coaches, Scott & Kristen catch up on what Kristen bought from the grocery store and Scott shares some helpful diabetes & COVID-19 resources.

To ensure that you are getting your information regarding COVID-19 & diabetes from reliable, credible sources Scott shares some of his favourite resources.


  • Healthy groceries to buy during a pandemic
  • Resources for Diabetes Management and COVID-19
  • Information on affording diabetes medication during COVID-19


Diabetes Management & COVID-19:

Resources for Diabetes Medication Costs:

Podcast by Habit Expert, James Clear:


Scott K. Johnson - Welcome back to Coaches Corner. I am so glad to see you again and thank you for joining. So, so much has changed over the past few weeks. These are challenging and stressful times for almost everyone. We're just full of gratitude and appreciation for everyone doing their part to get through this. One small way that mySugr can give back is by hosting these short conversations with our diabetes coaches, all our Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists by the way, to talk about staying healthy in body and mind during these unusual times. Today I catch up with coach Kristen after she ventured out for some groceries. Let's take a quick look at what she grabbed and why?

Kristen Bourque - Hi guys, this is Kristen from mySugr. I just went to the grocery store so I figured I'd walk you through a few items that I purchased and give you some suggestions and ideas for some meals that I'm putting together. Maybe that might give you a little bit of help. So I'm going to start with some fruits that I purchased here. So I do always like to have berries on hand just, 'cause I'll throw him into things like cottage cheese or yogurt for easy breakfast. But in terms of things that last a little bit longer, apples and I love these little cuties, they last a lot longer in the fridge. So especially since we're limiting our trips to the grocery store, these would be good things to have on hand. I love like an apple with peanut butter or you can throw this into a yogurt as well for an easy breakfast.

Now in terms of veggies, I got a variety of things like spinach and stuff doesn't last as long also. So you'd start with that in the beginning of the week. I do like things like carrots or celery, because those have a longer shelf life as well. And you can kind of use those with hummus as a side to like a sandwich or something like that. I did get a couple things for sandwiches for lunch, just some like turkey breasts and cheese. I have some whole wheat bread in the fridge so I'll put that together with, you know, again, some side vegetables. And there's nothing also wrong with getting some items that are sort of, kind of done already for you. I found this, black beans soup has a really great ingredient list. So versus me kind of taking some time and to make something like that, which is also an option. These are going to be probably something I might do for lunches. I also love, you know, again chicken, rotisserie chickens, because you can have them just in a number of ways. Again, just the day of also in a wrap or you can make like a chicken salad with it.

For dinners I have I'm going to do like a turkey skillet. So it's like a one sheet pan with just some onion and some pepper and, zucchini and this and a little taco seasoning. Very simple, very easy, not complicated at all. And then I did get some stuff to make some fish. And we also have, some frozen shrimp in the freezer already to kind of make some shrimp tacos for this week too. So again, lastly too, we have some priorities here, so a little wine to help get through. So definitely, hopefully this gives you some ideas and suggestions. The important thing to remember though is not to make it too complicated and just to kind of use what you have on hand also. Thanks guys.

Scott K. Johnson - All right, there you have it. Anyone else get hungry watching Kristen talk about all those delicious groceries? What are you guys stocking up on? What are you looking for when you go grocery shopping? I'd love to hear more about that in the, in the comments. I also wanted to take a few minutes to share a few helpful resources that I have found and have been kind of collecting together for you guys. So, I think in times like this, it's really important to look for sources of information that are credible and that you feel comfortable with, especially when you're putting your health and safety of diabetes on the line. Right?

So first and foremost, I wanted to share The American Diabetes Association site that has a section or information hub around Diabetes and Coronavirus. So you can navigate through here and find all kinds of information there. And we will put the link to this in the comments there so you can find that. Next up I want to show you some resources from our friends at diaTribe. So they have written a handful of articles over the past number of weeks, around COVID-19 and the Coronavirus and Diabetes. So there are a ton of helpful articles that you can take a look at there. And also it's a great idea to subscribe to their newsletter if you're not already subscribed. They're a really wonderful resource all the time, but especially in times like this when there are special circumstances going on. So, we'll also put a link to the this resource list on diaTribe in the comments.

Next up I want to share a super-helpful video from our friends at TCOYD, Taking Control Of Your Diabetes. In this video, Doctors, Steve Edelman and Jeremy Pettus, both, Endocrinology experts and Endocrinologists, they do almost an entire hour of question and answer around Diabetes and Coronavirus and COVID-19. So if there's any questions that you can think of, chances are they answered it in this session. This is another really, really useful website and resource. This is just one of a handful of videos and helpful resources that they're putting out in this time. So again, sign up and stay in tune with what they've got going on.

The DDRC, Diabetes Disaster Response Coalition, they have a very helpful site that talks a little bit about, COVID-19 updates, points for staying healthy directly from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But perhaps most helpful and most important here, if you are struggling to pay for your diabetes medications, I wanted to draw your attention to the section on their page here around prescription costs. They've gathered together a handful of very helpful resources for, looking at ways that you can get help if you're having trouble affording your diabetes medications. And of these resources, one that I found very very helpful was from The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, where you can actually search your medication brand name and find the manufacturer or a pharmaceutical company that is responsible for that with links directly to any patients' assistance programs that they might have, and get details on those requirements or how those work. So, this is a tremendous resource put on by the, our friends at, AACE and The American College of Endocrinology. So that's another really wonderful place to look.

And then finally there was a podcast episode that I came upon from Lifehacker. And they talked with a New York Times best selling Author named James Clear, who wrote a book that I actually recently just, I listened to it, I didn't read, but I listened to it. I'm a big fan of audio books. His book is called "Atomic Habits", and James Clear is a habit expert. And they spent a few minutes with him talking about, how habits during uncertain times can, can help ground you, help provide a sense of stability when things are feeling not so stable around you. But they also talk with them a bit about, ways to stop touching our faces so much. And I just thought it was really interesting, really helpful. Maybe not so specific to diabetes help, but something that's sort of top of mind for all of us out there. So, we'll put a link to that podcast episode from Lifehacker in the comments here as well. All right?

That is all we've got for this week's episode. I hope that you'll return on Monday where we're pulling all the coaches together. So, Molly, Kristen, and Maggie and myself are, we're going to to do just a mindset check and talk about, how we're feeling and, how we're coping with everything that's going on. And just taking a moment to be okay with the fact that we maybe are not feeling our 100% all the time. So, if you want to join us for that conversation, we will start that on Monday at 3:00 pm Pacific time right here. And thank you for tuning in. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments and we will see you next week. Bye.


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