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mySugr and Colgate Total®

11/12/2015 by Scott Johnson

mySugr and Colgate Total®

We think about diabetes differently at mySugr. We break stereotypes, we amplify fun, we design cool, and we shine the light on what living with diabetes really looks like. That’s why Colgate Total®’s #30DaysOfLOL campaign makes so much sense to us.

What Is it

#30DaysOfLOL uses laughter to help raise awareness of the potential link between oral health and diabetes, and laughter is a big part of mySugr’s concept for coping and dealing with diabetes through an externalized representation – the diabetes monster.

Why we do what we do

Most people don’t realize that living with diabetes isn’t bad. It’s just different. It’s not the mass-media pictures you see: old, fat, boring, and lazy. People with diabetes are much like anyone else you know. In fact, diabetes has made them develop incredibly strong and interesting personalities! And it’s the people we know with diabetes who inspire us to bring the coolness into diabetes, and the beauty into diabetes, and the elegance and witty humor and pleasurable experience into diabetes. It’s all inspired by the diabetes we see in the remarkable people living it.

Why team up with Colgate Total®?

#30DaysOfLOL is an important campaign to join because diabetes sometimes drives our friends crazy. But they also have fun with it and laugh with it. Sometimes even because of it. We want to spread that laughter, and help them raise awareness of oral health and diabetes – it’s important and not well-known. Teaming up with a partner like Colgate Total®, who have been involved in diabetes support and advocacy for a long time, for #30DaysOfLOL brings our vision of diabetes, our idea of the diabetes monster, and awareness of the lives of people with diabetes, to the masses. It’s an opportunity to really change how the world sees diabetes.

Join us!

We’re excited about the upcoming campaign, and we’re planning to have a lot of fun with it. We hope you’ll join us! Download our brand new Monster Selfie app and share your pics with the #30DaysOfLOL hashtag! There's a lot planned over the next 30 days, so keep an eye out for more fun!
Colgate Total 30 Days of Laughter Logo

Scott Johnson

Almost famous for his addiction to Diet Coke, Scott has lived well with diabetes for almost forty years and is currently the Patient Engagement Manager, USA for mySugr. He's been an active pioneer in the diabetes social media space for more than fifteen years and manages his award-winning blog, when time allows.

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