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Living with Diabetes

mySugr Spotlight with Jenita Stubblefield

1/16/2019 by mySugr

mySugr Spotlight with Jenita Stubblefield

Welcome to the next guest in the mySugr Spotlight series, an ever-growing lineup of people living with diabetes sharing their stories.

We ask featured guests to describe their connection to diabetes and the diagnosis experience, what's working for them/not working for them, what they want people to know about diabetes, and what their message to the world is. With that in mind, we're thrilled to introduce Jenita. Enjoy!

Jenita's story - the importance of balance and support

My type 2 diabetes is a hereditary disease. My grandmother and two uncles have died from this disease. My father and another uncle have lost limbs to the disease as well. It definitely has been an impact with my family. It truly affects my life completely. There is nothing that does not revolve around it. I have a schedule to do everything.

My situation with my type 2 diabetes revolves around trying to manage it and this has been a challenge within itself. Sad to say I am still having trouble. I have been to several doctors but no one seems to know any more than I know about the disease. I have had several wrong diagnoses and been prescribed oral medication dozens of times. I think out of everything the long drawn out doctor’s appointments, blood work, and no results are the most frustrating for me.

Diabetes management, a full-time job

As a person with diabetes, my mind is going all the time trying to remember everything that I need to do because my life depends on it. The glucose checks 3 to 4 times a day, taking medication and monitoring it to make sure it is working to keep my levels down in addition to keeping a log to record everything that I do throughout the day. It’s definitely a full-time job!!! A job that never stops.

For me being so closely attached to the disease almost seems like a death sentence for me. I have never had a role model who was positive in managing the disease. I always have that feeling that I am doing something wrong or not right. I still feel like it's new to me and that I still don’t know all I should know.

What I'm working on and my message

What I am currently working on is to be able to get my mental and emotional state balanced. It all starts there for me. If I can just get those balanced everything will come together.

What I feel that everyone should know about having diabetes, is that it is a long journey and that everyone’s journey is different.

There are so many things that are involved with having diabetes from the rising costs of supplies, doctor’s appointments, healthcare coverage, and medication. And that is just revolved around getting diagnosed.

Next is having a good support system because that will affect how you will deal with the diagnosis mentally.

Finally understanding what having diabetes is, and the meaning of diabetes. Knowing that will help you in your journey as well as keeping your emotional state of mind intact.

I am always trying to get the message out about diabetes. It’s a message that needs to be heard!!!

To follow along on Jenita’s journey please email her or follow her on the social media channels listed below.

Written by: Jenita Stubblefield

Instagram: @Type2diabeticchick, Twitter:  @stubblefie1 Email:

Edited by: Sophie Brodsky Blake @diabetus422

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