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New mySugr iOS navigation bar

6/4/2019 by Ilka Gdanietz

New mySugr iOS navigation bar

We recently made a few updates to the mySugr app (iOS only). Don’t panic...we changed the look of the app - not the content ;) We did it because, sometimes, it’s just time for a change. Like when you know you need to get your hair trimmed.

User feedback is really important to us. Any changes to the app are only done after a detailed user test has been carried out. This is at the heart of our user-centered approach. Recently, in the mySugr app for iOS, we changed the navigation bar and moved it to a new part of the screen. The main reason for this was that we noticed that users were often not seeing the menu in the top left corner.

3 things you should know about the new navigation bar!

The new navigation is now loaded. Based on user feedback, we’ve moved it to the bottom of the Home screen. Here’s a bit more insight into specific elements, and why they were changed:

  1. Color

You’ve probably already noticed that the green used for the navigation icons is not the standard ‘mySugr green’. This is because it happens a lot that people with diabetes develop eyesight issues, and find it hard to recognize contrast. So, we are gradually making the mySugr app more accessible by matching the general W3C AA (Web Content Accessibility) Guidelines.

  1. Main features

We asked - you voted!

The Home screen with all the key bits of diabetes data, the reports, the connections, and coaching have all made it to the new navigation bar. And coaching is only shown to people who use the service. The rest of the functions are:

  • Profile & Settings
  • Support & Feedback
  • Challenges
  • Manuals (Logbook and Insulin Calculator)
  • Recommend mySugr

You can find all of these under the "more" on the far right of the navigation bar.

  1. Profile and settings

Let’s say you are in the settings and change something. But you get distracted and click on another part of the screen. Or you accidentally log out of the app in the middle of using it. What should you do then? Don’t worry! Your recent changes will save automatically.

Note: This innovation was initially only released to a small user group, so don’t be surprised if at first everything looks the same as usual. As soon as we’ve collected enough feedback, you’ll find all the new navigation functions in the mySugr app

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Ilka Gdanietz

She's a diabetes veteran, Nutella lover and pump user all rolled into one. Ilka is mySugr's communications person for the German side of things and in her spare time writes a blog