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Living with Diabetes

Inside the office: pros & cons of pumping insulin

1/30/2019 by mySugr

Inside the office: pros & cons of pumping insulin

Do you use insulin? If so, do you prefer using an insulin pump? Or do you use a pen (or syringe & vial)? Why do you like one over the other?

Do you use insulin? If so, do you prefer using an insulin pump? Or do you use a pen (or syringe & vial)? Why do you like one over the other? 

For some, an insulin pump is the best for their diabetes therapy. For others, an insulin pump is an annoying attachment, and they'd rather not bother. Everyone’s preferences and priorities are different, which makes sense. To each our own, right? As our friend Bennet famously says, your diabetes may vary!

Here in the mySugr office, we posed the question to a few of the people with diabetes on our team. It’s interesting to hear why someone defends their pump to the very end and others prefer injecting with a pen/syringe.

If you’re struggling to decide, maybe some of the answers we got from the team will help! Last week we learned why "Team Pen" would rather inject, and today we present "Team Pump":

What are 3 reasons you use an insulin pump


Clara - Product Owner


  • No extra injections necessary.
  • Whenever I eat or need to correct, I can deliver my insulin at the press of a button.
  • There's no way I can forget my insulin somewhere – it's attached to me!


Lukas at his desk smiling at the camera
Lukas - Data Scientist


  • I love the convenience of it being connected
  • I can take small, frequent doses and snacking is easier. I'd have to poke myself many more times if I used a pen or syringe.
  • I have better diabetes management on a pump than I could achieve on injections – that's really great!


Ricky - Data Scientist


  • I eat often, and since I'm using a pump, it's just a few button clicks to deliver the insulin I need.
  • I find it much easier to analyze my data and make adjustments.
  • I'm less likely to forget doses because it's attached to me!

Is there anything you don't like about using an insulin pump?


  • Sometimes I worry that the mechanics or electronics will fail and I won't catch it in time.
  • My pump bothers me when I wear a dress.
  • I hate when my pump tubing gets caught on doorknobs.


  • More moving parts means more opportunities for errors, such as a failed infusion set or kinked cannula.
  • Uncertainty (I'm trusting the machine to do what I ask, versus seeing the insulin go in if I were injecting it.)
  • Sometimes the pump tubing annoys me – especially when I'm on vacation at the beach.


  • When I play soccer, sometimes the pump gets in the way.

Are there any situations where you especially appreciate using an insulin pump?


  • Before exercise, I really appreciate that I can quickly and easily adjust my basal rate.
  • I think it's great to turn off my pump and eat less when low.
  • And also when drinking alcohol, being able to adjust my pump is very helpful.


  • I enjoy how flexible an insulin pump is. I can adapt my insulin needs to whatever is going on that day.
  • With a pump, there's less inconvenience involved in taking my insulin. I am taking doses of insulin in situations where I probably wouldn't bother with an extra shot if I were using pens, and I can tell that my diabetes management is better because of it.


  • I love the ability to use temporary basal rates, which make it easier to manage my diabetes.

Wrapping up

Like everything in life, pump therapy has its advantages and disadvantages. You heard about the flexibility and you also heard worry about technology pitfalls. Ultimately, your therapy decision is something very personal. Fortunately, we have options and can make choices! Last week we dove into the pros and cons of using an insulin pen/syringe, for example.

What about you? What do you prefer? Pump or pen? Did anything here hit home for you? We’d love to hear more about it!


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