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Living with Diabetes

Telemedicine update & Kristen’s self-care routine on Coaches Corner

5/1/2020 by mySugr

Telemedicine update & Kristen’s self-care routine on Coaches Corner

Let’s take a walk with Coach Kristen to talk about her self-care routine, then we’ll hear from Molly with a quick update on leveraging telemedicine.

Kristen shares a few recommendations to incorporate into your at home self-care routine. Molly explains how telehealth & telemedicine is advancing during this pandemic, and how to access healthcare.

Note: We cannot provide medical advice. Please contact your doctor directly for specific questions about your care.


  • Incorporating movement into your day
  • Self-care at home
  • Telehealth & telemedicine advancements



Scott K. Johnson - Hey, great to see you. Thanks for tuning in to another episode of Coaches Corner. One small way mySugr is giving back by hosting these short conversations with our diabetes coaches to talk about staying healthy in body and mind. Now with that I have to give the standard disclaimer. We cannot provide medical advice, so please contact your doctor directly for specific questions about your care. First up today, we're taking a short stroll with coach Kristen to talk about her self care routine, and then we'll hear from Molly, who's got a quick update on leveraging telemedicine. Let's take a look.

Kristen Bourque - Hi guys, it's Kristen, coach for mySugr. Just checking in with your guys, taking you on my walk today. Wanted to talk a little bit about self care. I think right now, more than ever, we should be having a somewhat of a scheduled self care to help us to feel good. I think it's hard right now, because a lot of us don't have, you know, the normal things that we look forward to. So having, kind of, a self care routine, I think, can really help to boost our mood and make us feel better. So I'm going to share a couple of things that I've been doing and hopefully some of them are helpful to you guys.

So the first one is going for walks. So I realize not everyone is able to do this, of course, depending on, you know, your location or safety concerns, things like that, but I would just say movement in general is so beneficial, because it helps to boost our mood, it helps to reduce our stress, and just even getting some fresh air can really do wonders. So I've been trying to go outside for a walk ever day, if I can, it's a little chilly here in Chicago today, but just bundling up and making the best of it. So it still feels nice to do it. If you're able to have a bike, something like that too is also great. So just any kind of movement, even if it's a yoga class at home, I would definitely encourage you to do something a few times a week, whatever is enjoyable for you.

The second thing I've been doing is kind of making my own little spa setting at home. So doing like hair masks, face masks, my nails, that's something that I truly enjoy doing, and I love to treat myself on occasion for, like, I don't know, massage or something, so since I can't do that right now I'm kind of trying to create my own little setup at home, and I have a good time with it. So you can even put, you know, music on and kind of make a nice relaxing setup, but whatever works for you, but I know for me when I just do something like that it makes me feel better emotionally, but also when I feel a little bit more put together it kind of helps me kind of boost my mood for the day, as well too. So something about taking care of ourself in that way is always good too. S

o the third tip that I have is trying to find something that, I don't know, is a good way to kind of destress or kind of pull yourself away from everything. So I love listening to podcasts, so if I am normally on a walk I'll put on a nice podcast, and there's so many out there, or even an audiobook, but something like that that kind of just take you out of everything and helps to kind of relax you and just take your mind off of something. So I find that's been really enjoyable, and there's so many different topics and variety of different ones to listen to, so I encourage you to do that if you can, or just as simply just a regular book. So just taking yourself out of everything that's going on. Kind of a positive distraction, in a way, I think is great. And then lastly one tip that not everyone I know can do, but I would just say is having some sort of interaction with maybe your pets or something like that. I find, I have two cats at home, and they've been really, really helpful for my self care, just kind of helping with my stress and having that kind of bond. So I know that's not for everyone, but if you're able to foster that'd be a great opportunity to, since we're spending a lot of time at home, right, it'd be a great opportunity to do something like that. Stress, or pets, excuse me, are so great for stress relief too, so even if you're not able to commit long term, looking into fostering is a great option as well, so. I hope those tips help and-- Got this, right, day by day. All right thanks guys, bye.

Molly Wagman - Hey, everyone, it's Molly here from mySugr, here with another quick health update. So I wanted to talk to you about telehealth and telemedicine appointments. Now I know that many of you may be struggling to get an appointment with your physician or get some healthcare now, because hospitals may be closed or your physicians office may be closed, and for you to be able to go there in person, but they may be offering telehealth appointments now.

So telehealth is a remote appointment, so that means through the phone, voice call, or if you have the ability you may even be able to do a video call. Now in the past, before COVID-19, this was really hard to get, a lot of insurances would not reimburse for this type of service, but things have changed, and I think we're pretty lucky that we have been able to see this change happen so quickly. So a lot of health systems and health insurances now are reimbursing physicians and other healthcare practitioners for remote visits. So if you need to get an appointment with your diabetes specialist or your general practitioner or any other type of healthcare practitioner, like a dietician or a mental health specialist, like a counsellor or therapist, that may be available to you now. Now this is typically more widely available to people who have already seen their physician, so there are some regulations that say that the physician or the healthcare practitioner must see their patient at least once a year, so it may not be available if you're establishing with a new provider, but if you've seen your doctor before reach out to them and see if they're offering these remote visits. So if you are wanting to follow up on your diabetes care, that can include reviewing any past lab data, looking up blood glucose data, there's so many ways that you can upload your blood glucose data and send it to your physician remotely.

So with the mySugr app you can download your PDF and you can send that to your doctor, and they can review your blood glucose values remotely. And you may even be able to do some physical things, as well, so a physical exam is usually done in person by your primary care doctor or your diabetes specialist, but if there is something going on, they may be able to look at that remotely through a video call, like if you're having some issues with your feet, if you have sores on your feet, your doctor might be able to diagnose some things through a video call. So don't hesitate to reach out if you need healthcare. And this actually is really beneficial for a lot of people, so especially if you're immunocompromised or if you're in the higher risk group, if you're an older adult, you don't want to go in person anyway, but you still want to stick with and follow the regulations by the CDC to practice physical distancing and staying at home as much as possible, but this remote visit then allows you to get the care that you need, and there's actually some research that shows that telehealth appointments are just as effective, or even more effective, as far as clinical outcomes go, which is your care outcomes, and they're just as effective, or more effective, because you may be more likely to stick with them in the long run.

So life happens, sometimes you have to cancel appointments, whether that's because it's just too far of a drive for you or something with your family came up, and being able to have a remote appointment is very beneficial, so that you can continue with your care. And there may be an opportunity to continue this in the future, as well, so that you may only need to go in to see your doctor for that physical exam once a year, and you can do your blood glucose evaluation and your lab evaluation over the phone. So if that's something that interest you, don't hesitate to reach out to your doctor, or if you're seeing a diabetes educator or a therapist, see if they're able to do these remote visits for you, and, you know, with mySugr, we offer fully remote diabetes coaching, so if you have coaching through mySugr you can always just message us right through the app, and you can also set up a phone call or a video conference with us. So I hope that this was good information for you. Definitely take care of yourself and advocate for yourself and your care, and we hope to see you again soon, bye.

Scott K. Johnson - All right, there you have it, good stuff, right? I recently had my very first endocrinology appointment over telemedicine, it was a simple phone call with my endocrinologist, and it was a very good experience. So I hope that we are able to continue leveraging this type of care and technology. I think it's a positive, it's moving medicine and diabetes care in a positive direction, so. With that have a great rest of your day. On Monday we look at checking blood sugars with type two diabetes, I hope you'll join us then, and, hey, leave us some questions, comments, we'll be happy to address them in an upcoming episode, and if you have had an experience with telemedicine or remote care we would love to hear about that, as well. Want to give a big shout out to our repeat viewers, Mandie, Kathi, it's always great to see you guys here, very much appreciate it. So, with that, stay well, and we'll see you next time, bye.


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