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We messed up, but are back on track!

1/14/2016 by Frank Westermann

We messed up, but are back on track!

Hello Monster Tamer, We have messed up and would like to explain to you what happened: The Bolus Calculator in the mySugr App for Android (version 3.8.0) contains a mistake that may lead to an incorrect calculation of insulin dosage mistake, however, it has already been fixed and the current version is now available in the Google Play Store! So, what happened? A user (Android version 3.8.0) brought an instance to our attention in which the insulin doseage calculation was not derived from the actual carbohydrate amount. Such an occurance occurs only when the carb factor is changed to half-hour intervals. To take an example, an insulin doseage calculated at around 10:31am would result in a calculation that used the carb factor from 10:29am. What is mySugr doing to deliver an accurate product? mySugr is a certified medical device manufacturer (ISO 13485) and is regularly audited by TÜV. We have a rigorous, multi-stage development and testing process in place to prevent such mistakes. Despite these measures, a mistake slipped past us. We will do our utmost to further optimize our quality assurance in order to prevent a future occurrence. We take this incident extremely seriously and hope that you will accept our deepest apologies.
PS: We’ve set up an extra email address “” to which you can send your questions.

Frank Westermann