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The mySugr Bundle

Managing your diabetes just got easier!


You don’t have to do diabetes alone

mySugr Coaching Bundle

You don't have to navigate the jungles of diabetes alone! While you may encounter a wild diabetes monster along the way, mySugr can help you tame that monster. With the mySugr Coaching Bundle you’ll have expert advice at your fingertips. Whether you need help with setting goals, finding motivation, or just have a question, your qualified diabetes coach is there for you and can help you to become an expert Monster Tamer. With the mySugr Coaching Bundle you get access to both mySugr PRO and our coaching service.

● mySugr app with mySugr PRO features
● Exclusive access to certified diabetes coaches


mySugr Full Bundle

The Full Bundle gives you the PRO version of the mySugr app and exclusive access to our caring and experienced diabetes coaches. They assist you in setting new goals, answering your personal diabetes questions or motivating you when you need it. Plus you'll receive an Accu-Chek Blood Glucose Meter, FastClix lancing device and consumption-based Accu-Chek test strips - all conveniently delivered right to your door! With the help of these handy tools you’ll become a monster taming expert.

● mySugr app with mySugr PRO features
● Exclusive access to certified diabetes coaches
● Accu-Chek® Blood Glucose Meter
● Consumption-based test strip delivery to your door
● FastClix lancing device plus lancets

The Full Bundle Starter Kit:
The monthly subscription service kicks off with a starter kit full of supplies and support. Subscribe and we will ship it to you for FREE. The Kit has everything you need to make your diabetes suck less.


The components of the bundle may vary. Please check the details of the offering available in your country. For the US, we offer the Accu-Chek Guide Me meter (instead of Accu-Chek Guide).

All Advantages at a Glance

mySugr PRO app

With enough blood glucose logs, you can get an estimated HbA1c¹! Log blood glucose values, food, activity, sleep and stress. Our Bolus Calculator feature helps you calculate the right amount of insulin for corrections and mealtimes.

Diabetes Coaching

Connect with a diabetes coach at the tap of a button.

The Full Bundle includes unlimited test strips

Don't worry about running out or stress over rush ordering your test strips. Because our program is unlimited and consumption-based, get refills delivered before you run out.

Lancing device in the Full Bundle

Get a FastClix lancing device, plus a box of refills, with the mySugr Bundle.

The Full Bundle comes with an Accu-Chek Blood Glucose Meter

Automatically log your blood glucose values.

The availability of devices may vary by country or region.

1. The estimated HbA1c is based on your imported measurements and does not replace actual HbA1c measurements. To get your eHb1Ac you have to log or import your blood sugar levels 3 times a day for 7 days.

Where is the mySugr Bundle available?

Check the available countries now

Our Bundles are available in Germany, the Netherlands and the US. We are continuously working on providing our lovely Bundles in other countries. Stay tuned to find out where we will move next.


Did you know?

  • registered-users

    Over 4 million registered users worldwide!

    That’s right! That means over 4 million people trust mySugr to accompany them on their diabetes journey. Making mySugr one of the MOST downloaded diabetes apps in the WORLD!

  • coaching-service

    Coaching service satisfaction 86%

    People with type 2 diabetes using our diabetes management services showed high satisfaction with our coaching offers.

  • A1c

    Lower Estimated HbA1c

    Retrospective studies indicate that mySugr shows a positive effect on the estimated HbA1c and the risk for hyperglycemic excursions (HBGI)¹.

  • 4.6


    mySugr has a 4.6+ rating on the App Store and Google Play store.

1. Debong F, Mayer H, and Kober J. Real-World Assessments of mySugr Mobile Health App. Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, June 2019

Your personal coach at your fingertips

"Love this app...

...I love that it keeps track of my BG numbers and I can print out reports or send them to my doctor. I love that it automatically sends you strips according to the actual amount you use. I love that I don’t have to write down my numbers I just hit send and it logs for me. I love the graphs they are easy to read."

Honebabe | March 2020 | App Store (iOS)