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Science & Research

The scientific approach applied at mySugr, be it diabetology, algorithms or psychology, is aimed at improving the lives of people with diabetes. Together with partners across the globe, we explore and communicate the impact mySugr is having as well as new ways and methods to make diabetes suck less.

Latest Publication

Read our latest publication “Real-World Assessments of mySugr Mobile Health App” in Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics Vol. 21, No. S2

Does it really work?

Fewer hypos thanks to the logbook

After only 6 months of using the mySugr app, the number of low blood sugars has significantly decreased for people at hypoglycemia risk. The LBGI (Low Blood Glucose Index), which indicates how often and severe low blood glucose events appear, was reduced by 17,4% during the time of monitoring1.

1. Hompesch M, Kalcher K, Debong F. High risk population using mobile logging application shows significant reduction in LBGI. Presented at the American Diabetes Association 77th Scientific Sessions, 2017, San Diego, California, USA.

Reduction of eHbA1c with the help of our app

The effect of continuous documentation with the mySugr app was analyzed through a retrospective observational study. The anonymized data of 440 active users was observed. After only one month, the estimated HbA1c of this group dropped from an average of 9% to 7,8%. Six months later, the estimated HbA1c decreased to 7,7%2.

2. Hompesch M, Kalcher K, Debong F, Morrow L. Significant improvement of blood glucose control in a high risk population of type 1 diabetes using a mobile health app – A retrospective observational study. 10th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD), 2017, Paris, France.
Reduction of eHbA1c with the help of our app

Improved Glucose Control with our digital diabetes management

We explored real-world changes in blood glucose parameters in a randomly selected population of mySugr Bundle users in the US. Significant improvements were observed in mean blood glucose (-10.4%), tests in range (+8.5%) and eHbA1c (-0.4%) only two months after initiation of the mySugr Bundle3. After four months, we were still able to see a sustainable improvement in blood glucose control (BGmean -11.8 mg/dl, tests in range +6.8% and eHbA1c -0.41%)4.

Read more about our study on the mySugr Bundle on our blog:

3. Hompesch M, Scheiner G, Schuster L, Kober J, Debong F.. Clinically relevant improvement in quality of blood glucose control in well controlled users of mySugr’s mobile diabetes management tool . Presented at the Diabetes Technology Meeting 2018, Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

4. Bankosegger R, Kober J, Mayer H. Sustainable Improvement in Quality of Blood Glucose Control in Users of mySugr’s Integrated Diabetes Management Solution. Presented at ADA 2019, San Francisco, California, USA

Empowered patients

A survey among 600 users showed that utilizing the mySugr app can lead to greater comprehension for the autoimmune disease and to an increased assertiveness for important therapeutic decisions.5

5. Rose K. J., König M., Wiesbauer F. Evaluating Success for behavioral change in diabetes via mhealth and gamification: mySugr’s key to retention and patient engagement. Presented at ATTD 2013.


Science Contact

Johanna Kober - Research Specialist

If you have questions, suggestions or are interested in collaborating with mySugr Research, then please contact our Research Specialist.

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