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Living with Diabetes

Diabetes and Women in all stages of life

3/8/2019 by Julia Kral

Diabetes and Women in all stages of life

All of you female monster tamers out there probably noticed this already: besides stress, sleep, food, sports, medication, illness and the 1000 additional factors influencing your blood sugar, there is one other thing that turns your blood sugar curve into an emotional rollercoaster ride. Have a guess, it’s those lovely HORMONES!

Your menstrual cycle and the fluctuations in hormone levels that go along with it also have an effect on blood sugar metabolism. Hello, extra challenge!

We want to give you some practical tips & tricks on how to deal with menstruation, what outfit to wear with your pump or what to keep in mind during pregnancy or menopause.

To begin with, we created this monstrous infographic for you. It shows you all possible challenges of the different phases in the life of a woman living with diabetes:


Infographic on women and diabetes in every stage of life

Julia Kral

Julia joined the Brand & Marketing department at mySugr in 2018. Holding a bachelor’s degree in health care management, she has been working in the health care and diabetes industry for the past 5 years. Living with type 1 diabetes herself, Julia is very passionate about making the life with diabetes better for other peers. 

She has been writing various articles for our blog, e.g. about the most important diabetes vocabulary.

In her free time, you will find her reading books, travelling the world with her backpack or visiting the latest art exhibitions in her home town Vienna, Austria.

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