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How much do people really love the mySugr Bundle? A LOT!

11/13/2018 by mySugr

How much do people really love the mySugr Bundle? A LOT!

It’s a fantastic job we have here at mySugr. Imagine working on something where your design, change of an email template, or an improvement of an app workflow can actually make someone’s life with diabetes easier. What we do has an impact beyond just “business” and we can see the effect of every action, product feature and improvement.

When you measure the impact of medical devices, you review in terms like “improved blood glucose control,” “reduction of risk factors,” “incremental cost effectiveness ratio,” and “quality-adjusted life years.” The method you see is often a randomized clinical trial, where you have full control of who’s in it, and not. Yet this does not really represent the real world or the real impact of a device or system… as we humans usually do not live in clinical trials! Here at mySugr, our scientific work is more often based on observational studies, where we look back at how people in certain groups of users have been doing. “Real world evidence,” some people call it. We do this together with our friends at ProSciento, a clinical research organization based in the San Diego area, just like mySugr in the US. At the 8th Annual Diabetes Technology Meeting, which took place in North Bethesda, Maryland, ProSciento and colleagues from mySugr presented two pieces we think you’ll find interesting.

mySugr Bundle Has Clinically Relevant Impact

Together with ProSciento, we looked into the effect of the mySugr Bundle among our users. If you don’t know of it yet, the mySugr Bundle is a nifty package combining a connected meter, all the strips you can eat (please don’t, rather test your blood glucose with them, mmk?) and access to world-class certified diabetes educators via the app! What we looked into was how people are doing just after registering, in the two months before starting with the mySugr Bundle and the two months after starting with the Bundle. People who measured their blood glucose levels on average 3 times or more per day during each period were included, be that with type 1, type 2 diabetes or LADA. Since we were strict on the time frames regarding whom to include, and the Bundle not having been out there for very long in the US, we had to exclude a HUGE amount of people, so we only ended up with 52 people . And still, what we see is really encouraging! These 52 people living with diabetes were already doing well starting out, but then did even better – on average dropping from 154±55 mg/dl to 138±50 mg/dl! If we translate this to HbA1c, by calculating the “estimated A1c,” this shows people dropped from 6.7% to 6.3%. Yikes! For a therapy, device or medication to be seen as relevant, a difference of above 0.3% is required. So this drop of 0.4%, in an already “well-controlled population” is simply great to see! Oh yeah, and testing frequency increased by nearly 20%. And that’s on us. We also looked into how those who were “above the median,” as in the 26 people in the group who had a mean blood glucose above the 154 mg/dl, were doing. And that’s where the Bundle and mySugr really shines – these users dropped from a BG of around 186±72 mg/dl to 147±57 mg/dl! Simply put, by some 20%. Even if this was a group of just 26 users, it was still statistically significant – meaning it’s not just a fluke.

And people love it

Jen Hibbits, who works at mySugr in Encinitas, California, surveyed some of the mySugr Bundle users in the US, that live with type 2 diabetes. The mySugr Bundle was primarily designed with people with type 1 diabetes in mind, so the number of users of the Bundle with type 2 is fantastic to see! We learned A LOT from this survey! People with all kinds of therapies let us know what they think. But the main item Jen looked into was the Net Promoter Score – “How likely are you to recommend mySugr Bundle to a friend?” As the NPS score was calculated, we were really surprised to see an NPS of nearly 70. That’s in the same ballpark as Netflix and Apple. Remote coaching with CDE’s is a vital part of the mySugr Bundle, so we also asked what people thought of this part of the system. As you can see in the image , 86% were happy with this service! It seems, that we’ve hit a nerve in the community – and not a bad one. [caption id="attachment_12577" width="741"]
"NPS graphic comparing mySugr with Netflix, Inc. and Apple.
NPS graphic comparing mySugr with Netflix, Inc. and Apple.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_12587" width="1080"]
"Graphic showing high satisfaction rate with coaching.
Graphic showing high satisfaction rate with coaching.[/caption] Why we ask this question and also report on it is because we believe that in our field, the main question is really about psychology. People are not all the same, and that is what makes humanity fantastic.

Our dream

You’re increasing how much you test, improving your therapy, taking better care of yourself, and being more “on the ball” – those are the dreams of your clinician. Imagine the face of your doctor, when they see the effects like those shown above! Such improvements and at the same time hearing our customers speak highly of that which helped him or her get there – that’s our dream come true!


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