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How to get started with mySugr Coach

11/15/2018 by mySugr

How to get started with mySugr Coach

With mySugr Coach, you have a certified diabetes educator (CDE) in the palm of your hand. Your coach is ready to help with personalized support and can guide you through even the most confusing situations.

But sometimes it can be hard to get started. If that’s how you’re feeling, you’re in the right place!

But first... why?

Before we talk about how it works, let’s explore why you might want to use mySugr Coach.

Managing diabetes is hard work. Even when things seem to be going along just fine, it’s really hard to stay on track all by yourself. You have a million other things on your plate and it’s impossible to balance priorities. The next thing you know, you’re not where you want to be and it feels overwhelming to get back on track.

This is soooo common. You may be feeling guilty, ashamed, or confused. Know that you are not alone and that help and hope are within reach.

Get personalized support from real live certified diabetes educators

mySugr Coach connects you directly to your certified diabetes educator right within the app. mySugr Coaches are highly-trained certified diabetes educators, many of whom live with diabetes themselves.

They are real live human beings who have been carefully selected to take great care of you. They see your information directly through the mySugr app, so there’s no wasted time or energy uploading data or sending reports. That means you and your mySugr Coach can get down to business right away.

How does it work? How do I get started with mySugr Coach?

You need an active mySugr Bundle subscription to gain access to mySugr Coach. If you’re not a mySugr Bundle subscriber, you can click below for more information. Once subscribed, you’ll have immediate access to mySugr Coach. Tap on “Coach” in the menu to get started.

You’ll see some general information about your Coach, and you might even have a welcome message from them already!

From here, it’s as easy as deciding what you want help with and composing a message. We have some great starter questions below that you can pick from if that helps.

What type of questions can I ask?

Here are some great starter questions/examples. Feel free to copy any of these into your new message window!

  • I was just diagnosed with diabetes and my doctor hasn’t provided with me much information, where should I start?
  • What is the goal for my blood sugars?
  • My doctor prescribed me a new medication, how does it work and when should I take it?
  • I want to work on my diet, can you help me?
  • My blood sugars are always higher in the morning, why does this happen?
  • My doctor told me I have type 2 diabetes, how is this different than type 1?
  • I just started insulin and I’m a little scared, why do I need to take it?
  • I know exercise is good for me, but I always dread it, how can I make it more enjoyable?
  • My doctor told me I need to “watch my carb intake.” What foods have carbs?
  • Why are my blood sugars always high after I eat?
  • I’m trying to lose weight, but it’s been really hard. Can we talk about diabetes and weight loss?
  • I signed up for my first 5k race! I’ve never done anything like that before, but I have 8 weeks to train. I need your help to learn how to manage my blood sugars during training. Can we pull this off? Let’s do it!

And just like that, you are on your way! Your diabetes coach will take a look at your question, analyze your information, and pull together a detailed reply just for you! You’ll get a notification when you have a new message.

You can go back and forth with your coach as often as you like, and you can ask your coach for help as often as you want to.

Frequently Asked Questions about mySugr Coach

Q: How do I get started?

A: Just click on “Coach” in the mySugr app side menu! (after purchasing the mySugr Bundle)

Q: Do I need to upload data to my coach?

A: Nope! It’s already available through the mySugr app!

Q: Can mySugr Coach help me with urgent or emergency situations?

A: No. For emergency situations please call 911.

Q: Can mySugr Coach help me count carbs at dinner tonight?

A: Your coach can boost your carb counting kung-fu, but can’t provide on-the-spot carb counting services for you. You’ll still have to do the counting yourself. Sorry about that.

Q: Are there limits to how often I can message my coach?

A: Nope! You have unlimited access to your very own diabetes coach, right on your smartphone. Super cool.

Q: Isn’t it weird, intimidating or creepy to have someone else digging through my diabetes details?

A: You don’t have to do diabetes alone! You can have someone in your corner who’s willing to jump in and get their hands dirty on your behalf. High-level athletes have coaches, right? You deserve that too.

Every great player deserves a great coach – and thanks to mySugr Coach, yours can be in the palm of your hand.


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