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mySugr Bolus Calculator – easy setup and smarter advice

2/6/2017 by Fredrik Debong

mySugr Bolus Calculator – easy setup and smarter advice

Thousands and thousands of people are calculating their shots using the mySugr Bolus Calculator every day and we’ve learned so much from all of the feedback!

What made prior versions of mySugr Bolus Calculator special was its ability to mind the insulin already in your body from previous injections, and that it gives hypo treatment advice – both massive wins!

Oh and that it’s been developed following the laws and regulations for medical devices – most bolus calc apps out there are not.

With version 2.1, it’s even easier to get started and post-meal calculations are handled better.

Carb corrections – aka hypo snacking like a ninja

If you want to land smoothly when low, or when you’re about to go low, there’s a method to it.

Because mySugr Bolus knows how you calculate corrections and meal shots, it can also figure out the math behind your hypo snacks.

That being said, the factors and settings you enter into the mySugr Bolus Calculator module really need to be double-checked with your doc or CDE.

Getting them right is super important. And you also need to know that giving snack advice like this has some kinks…

The “Blind Spot” – aka no snack stacking

When reading a few papers (1;2) by John Walsh (the author of Pumping Insulin) and a smart team (Ruth, Tim, and Lutz), we noticed a detail which can make a mess of your day – the “Blind Spot.”

Just after eating and taking a shot, it’s impossible to tell how the carbs are increasing blood glucose and how your shot is decreasing it! So handling meal shots and corrections are really not as simple as you might think…

It took a heap of work together with John, Ruth and the team… but we finally figured it out.

In mySugr Bolus 2.1, we handle meal and correction shots differently in the first 90 minutes after your shots.

For the first 90 minutes post-meal, the insulin you shot for handling the carbs will be considered when calculating potential correction shots, but it won’t be considered when calculating potential snacks.

Easy as that, really.

So, it acts like…?

We always like to compare stuff to things we already know.

Think of mySugr Bolus as a cocktail of the best stuff on the market – a mix of bolus calculating smarts from Medtronic, Roche, OmniPod and Deltec Cozmo, with a slice of lime. Shaken, not stirred.

Sounds great! How do I get it?

The mySugr Bolus Calculator module is included in the mySugr app – with a few limits and restrictions you need to be aware of:

  • Regional availability – EU only. This module is a risk class IIb registered medical device application and is currently approved for use in Europe. To launch in the US it would have to go through FDA first. Work in progress.
  • Features and Cost – with the free version of mySugr, you are limited to five insulin dose calculations. Once you’ve tested it and fallen in love, it’s included in mySugr Pro. Enjoy!

So, make sure you’ve got the latest version of mySugr installed, then take it for a spin and you’ll notice the difference. And do let us know how you come to terms with it!

For those that love a good read

1. Walsh, J., Roberts, R., & Bailey, T. (2011). Guidelines for Optimal Bolus Calculator Settings in Adults. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, 5(1), 129–135.

2. Walsh, J., Roberts, R., & Heinemann, L. (2014). Confusion Regarding Duration of Insulin Action — A Potential Source for Major Insulin Dose Errors by Bolus Calculators. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, 8(1), 170–178.

Fredrik Debong

Co-Founder and living with type 1 diabetes since the age of 4. Swede. A little crazy sometimes, but definitely full of inspiration.

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