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mySugr open ecosystem gets a boost with Novo Nordisk integration

10/15/2018 by Paul Geevarghese

mySugr open ecosystem gets a boost with Novo Nordisk integration

In mid-2017, mySugr announced it was joining the Roche family. We became part of a bigger entity, with a powerful global reach and a deeper pool of resources.

It’s important to note, however, that our partnership with Roche didn’t preclude any other collaborations. Our parent company supports mySugr’s mission to create an open digital diabetes ecosystem that revolves entirely around people with diabetes. We believe interoperability is critical for simplifying and solving the everyday challenges of diabetes management. Neither of us is in the business of constructing technological walls. Which brings us to early October. mySugr and Roche recently announced a new collaboration with Novo Nordisk, designed to integrate insulin dosage information from Novo Nordisk’s connected pen technology into Roche’s open ecosystem. This, in turn, connects the data to Roche’s digital diabetes management solutions, including mySugr. The new agreement is just one example of how partnerships can assist with disease management. People with diabetes spend an average of one hour per day on self-care and have to make up to 50 therapy decisions daily. If data from an insulin pen can be directly uploaded to the mySugr app, that’s one less manual step for patients to contend with. It may also help optimize their care, as Global Head of Roche Diabetes Care Marcel Gmuender noted in the media release: “The integration of insulin pen data in our digital health solutions such as mySugr will make it much easier for people with diabetes and their caregivers to track the effect of insulin on blood glucose levels. This enables more efficient and targeted decision support, as they can act on near real-time insights to optimize the personalized diabetes management, thereby reducing the risk of costly secondary complications and contributing to improved therapy outcomes and better quality of life.”   Our patient-first approach means partnerships aren’t restricted to personal blood glucose management. In June 2018, Roche signed an investment and collaboration agreement with Care Innovations, bringing a leader in telehealth into our expanding diabetes network. Care Innovations remotely connects people living with chronic diseases with their care teams. The partnership will enable health insurances and care providers to offer high-quality therapy management for people with diabetes via remote care delivery. So, along with self-care, patients can be better equipped to get the support they need, when they need it. Along with helping individuals manage their care, mySugr offers efficient diabetes management and support on a global scale. Learn more about our population management solutions here:

Paul Geevarghese

Paul Geevarghese has spent his career in the diabetes & obesity industry across pharmaceutical, medical device and digital health companies and is the Vice President of Market Access for mySugr.

Paul is passionate about finding ways to bring efficiency and accessibility to healthcare without losing the personalized approach that is fundamental to medicine.