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Living with Diabetes

The ultimate diabetic super hero

4/8/2015 by Fredrik Debong

The ultimate diabetic super hero

We live a life extraordinary, we replace a bodily function with blood, brains, and needles – much like superheroes do, to be honest. But which one fits us the best?

We live a life extraordinary, we replace a bodily function with blood, brains, and needles – much like superheroes do, to be honest. But which one fits us the best?

Here’s the thought experiment of the day, which one fits us with diabetes the best? I know for myself, for I have already come to terms with my role in the epic universe of superheroes! Let’s take a look!

Superman – wiki

Let’s all see ourselves as cape swinging, leotard wearing, 70’s hairdo’d chunk’a’steel! Awesome! But, think about it… sadly, as a ‘betic this would severely suck.

  • Imagine Superman checking his blood glucose? No lancet would ever work?
  • Cannot go to the doc, since his superpowers would most likely be quite visible once he’s seriously examined (no more secret identity for him!).
  • And what would be left of your surroundings if you had one of those aggro hypos with laser vision? That’s a bad combo… Ouch!

Nope, not Superman, sad to say.

Spider-Man – wiki

Hmmm, let’s see…

  • Super sensitive guy, with journalistic inclinations (yep, works here!) and a family which seems lovely.
  • He could retrieve his testing kit or glucose tabs from way across the room with his sticky web…. *thwap!*
  • Spidey senses might be the most accurate CGM ever!
  • Yet … Peter Parker strives to hide his ability and heroic identity from his grandma, hot girlfriend, and the world.

Imagine hiding your diabetes, always, from everyone? Never being able to ask for help, never being able to lean on your family and friends for support. No thanks! Many of us with D spend some time feeling isolated, much like a closeted superhero. But most find the support and connection of others a vital part of their life with D. Sorry, Spidey, you’re out.

Wolverine – wiki

His body repairs itself at once! Tata diabetes! Oh and even if he would have diabetes, there’d be tons of advantages! Let’s take a look at his life with diabetes.

  • Bone claws extending at will – perfect for bg tests!
  • Self-healing body – no bleeders when changing pump sets, and them nasty complications, well, they’re screwed too! Awesome!

Come to think of it, our bodies are a bit like Wolverine’s. Massive muscles, super cool hairdo. Oh and for the type 1’s, a super active auto-immune system kills off what’s not your own: diabetes is really caused by an autoimmune system gone wonky! Sadly, sticking to the facts, even if we’re a bit like Wolverine, we don’t have his advantages – even if the source is kind of related. And what about the claws? If we have an aggro hypo… that could get messy… Next, let’s take a look at the self-made men!

Batman – wiki

A self-made man indeed! A geek/nerd/billionaire with a number of psychological issues. I think this could work? Let’s take a look at Batman with diabetes.

  • Testing himself only with BLACK, or maybe VERY VERY DARK GREY devices – check!
  • Always overreacting to show’m who’s the man – most likely a stacker, check!
  • Has a butler – my doc Ingrid, perfect! Check!
  • Went to the Himalaya’s and trained with awesome ninja monks – hmmmm no, I wish!
  • Fights really freaky arch-nemesis, ALL THE TIME – aggro hypos, check!
  • Sometimes seems kinda pissed off about his situation – check!
  • Lives in a cave – in my case mySugr HQ, so, check! ?
  • Has Wayne Enterprises backing him up with the gear and money he needs – much like a decent insurance company (thanks SVA) – check!

Ok, so I think we’re on to something here, except for the monks and the ninja training in Himalaya. We will have to work on that.

Iron Man – wiki

A freakishly handsome and smart guy, with a very perfectly styled beard and a hot assistant most likely smarter than himself. I’m liking this? So let’s try this guy on…

  • Pens and syringes? They’re for newbies! This guy goes for pump/CGM the moment someone says “Dude, you have d…” – check!
  • Using the most modern tech out there, of course – check!
  • Oh, and in his hands, an insulin pump would most likely be hooked up to a CGM and run a closed-loop; much like Scott and Dana have it, or the 640G! So… check!
  • Backed up by Stark Industries, much like we have with our insurance companies, if they play nice – check!
  • Pepper, aka Ingrid in my case, taking care of him when he’s too mopey – check!
  • Entrepreneurial like hell – yay! Wooo! Check.
  • A constant smartass – check

Seems there is something about the self-made character that fits us well!

You are the ultimate diabetic superhero

What intrigues me about epic superheroes, is not the epic super’ness of them. The sparks and lightning, the flying and lasers, the super strength and ice producing appendages… nopes, sorry.

What intrigues me, is more in what balances the story. The stories of each “super being” – how they came to be, and the price they pay for their prize. Us mere humans covet their powers and abilities, but think about it for a while longer… have you ever seen a super happy and content superhero with a well functioning family situation and a living spouse and all bodily functions intact? A superhero come out of the closet? Nopes. They’d rather hide in phone boxes?

Us, you and I, live with technology as a constant part of our lives. Be it pharmaceutical, medical or for management (insert blatant hint at Logbook… hrrm… sorry, the entrepreneur in me).

And much like the self-made superheroes here, we take the tools and resources we have and make our lives with diabetes remarkable!

Power on, superhero!

Fredrik Debong

Co-Founder and living with type 1 diabetes since the age of 4. Swede. A little crazy sometimes, but definitely full of inspiration.

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