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Welcome on board, Roche & iSeed

3/11/2015 by Fredrik Debong

Welcome on board, Roche & iSeed

In short: we just raised $4.8M, and welcome Roche Ventures and iSeed Ventures into the family. Boom. Pop. Pow.

In a less Austrian fashion, with far more frills and still a hint of Lederhosen: Diabetes has been a part of the founding team's lives for nearly 50 years. And it sucks. There is no getting around this. The mission, as we started our company, was to make it suck less. And it's still that simple. In my talk at TEDxVienna, I spoke of how us patients are slowly rising up to the challenge of changing things, and not only for our own personal need but for the world as a whole. And those of us at mySugr are not the only ones. We are but a single example of this evolution of society. With mySugr, we have been able to bring out mobile apps and services for diabetes management; of FDA-grade, CE-marked, TÜV-audited, ISO 13485-certified quality. We're among the first in the world to do so. With mySugr, we have changed the lives of over 200,000 people. With mySugr Academy, we flip the philosophy of diabetes education. We are doing it... What I spoke of, is happening. Society and life is being altered by us, the people who need the changes. It's time to take this story to the next level – from the past, into the present, and to the years ahead of us. To change the philosophy of diabetes therapy, faster – we need to grow and reach more people, faster. So that is what we're doing.

Hello Roche Ventures, hello iSeed Ventures – we love you.

We are proud to let you know that Roche Ventures and iSeed Ventures believe in us, and have joined our ranks, investing $4.8 million in our company. Roche Ventures is the corporate venture fund of Roche, which is the 4th biggest med tech and pharma company in the world and the industry leader in the global BG monitoring market. iSeed Ventures is an early-stage investment company with a focus on consumer mobile tech and a keen interest in healthcare. We are their first investment outside of the US and China. As Frank, our CEO, and really the heavy lifter in things regarding business, put it:

“We are very excited that these two fantastic investors have joined us in our mission: To make diabetes suck less. Roche Ventures brings with it many decades of diabetes industry know-how and iSeed Ventures has expertise in the digital health market with access to the United States and China, two of the most important global diabetes markets.”

Together, we are taking the game to the next level. Do you believe, that together we can have an impact? We, sure as hell, do. Have an amazing day, Fredrik P.S. Together with our new partners, we published our first press release here. So if you want fact the facts, hit it.

Fredrik Debong

Co-Founder and living with type 1 diabetes since the age of 4. Swede. A little crazy sometimes, but definitely full of inspiration.

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