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Living with Diabetes

What do you need to know about National Read a Book Day?

10/24/2018 by mySugr

What do you need to know about National Read a Book Day?

Did you know that September 6th was National Read a Book Day? Last month, we had a short video talking with Cherise Shockley about the books we were reading. We believe that reading about other people’s experiences with diabetes is a great way to learn about the condition and feel connected with other people with diabetes. Here’s the video. It’s a short one!

Books recommended:

Balancing Diabetes by Kerri Sparling

Bright Spots & Landmines by Adam Brown

Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner

Open Up Your Bag by Mike Lawson

And if you’d like to celebrate by reading a transcript rather than watching a video, here’s the transcript!


Scott: Hey, everyone. Awesome to have you with us today. My name is Scott Johnson. This is Cherise Shockley (Twitter: @DiabetesSocMed, @sweetercherise Instagram: @wocdiabetes, @sweetercherise) and we are celebrating a very special 2018 National Read a Book Day. We thought it would be a fun idea to connect and share together our two favorite diabetes books and one non-diabetes book. And with that, Cherise, take it away.

Cherise: So, my first book I would like to go with is Balancing Diabetes and that was written by Kerri Sparling (six until me, Twitter: @sixuntilme, Instagram: @sixuntilme). And what I really enjoyed about the book is that she told her story and her life with diabetes growing up, but she infused it with sweet nuggets from the diabetes community. So I think for me, that's what made it extra special. Even though it was her story, she brought everybody else in, because that's just who she is. What about you? What is yours?

Scott: I am going to start with, I actually brought some of the books in, Bright Spots & Landmines, by Adam Brown (diaTribe Learn: adam's corner, Twitter: @asbrown1). This book is a fun, quick read, with super-actionable tips and tricks all throughout the book. So you can pick it up and dive right in anywhere along the way or read it from start to finish. Guaranteed you'll come out ahead of where you were before you started.

Cherise: So that's a good segue into my second favorite book, because that's the book I was gonna choose. And the reason why I was going to choose Bright Spots & Landmines, because there's little nuggets (once again, I love nuggets) that can help you with breakfast. It can help you while you're eating out. I mean, who wants... Okay, honestly skip the chips? Who skips the chips besides Adam Brown? So that's why I love that book.

Scott: You know, Cherise, he's all about flexing his willpower muscles, isn't he? I'm going to follow that up with my old stand by,Think Like a Pancreas from Gary Scheiner (integrated diabetes services, Twitter: @GaryScheiner). This was one of the first books that I really dove into when I decided I wanted to take my diabetes management to the next level. Also, a fun read. Gary is a talented author, makes sometimes complicated topics like diabetes, fun and interesting. If you haven't already read this, I encourage you to do so.

Cherise: All right, since we talked about how complicated diabetes is, we talked about balancing diabetes, and we both talked about those Bright Spots & Landmines, I would like to throw in there a book that was just released by Mike Lawson (diabetesdoodles, Twitter: @MrMikeLawson, Instagram: @mrmikelawson) which is a diabetes picture book, which is for parents who have diabetes, or parents of children with diabetes to share their pictures. How to check, check, check. So I'd like to put it out there.

Scott: Open Up Your Bag, by Mike Lawson. Let's dive into a non-diabetes related book to wrap things up.

Cherise: Okay, to wrap things up, since I am in school, I am sitting here and my favorite book, so far, I've read is Content Inc. I do not have time to read books and typically I listen to audio books, but I would say so far throughout my college semester, especially this past summer, this has been my favorite book. It's everything you need to know about content marketing and I love it. What about you?

Scott:  So you have raved about that book so much, and I'm inspired by all that you're learning, I bought the Kindle version of that book. I haven't started it yet. But I'm excited to dive in. And sometimes I just need to turn my brain off, and listen to some good-old fiction. And one of my favorite authors to help me do that is, he writes the Lucas Davenport series. His name is John Sanford, and the series is all about this awesome detective in the Twin Cities area, which is where I grew up in, and just moved from. So that's oftentimes how I unwind with that kind of stuff.

Cherise: Very cool. Well, this has been fun.

Scott:  It has been a lot of fun. Let's do this more often. We're going to cover a ton of different topics. Folks, if this has been fun for you, let us know. Leave us some love and comments down below. Let us know what you want to hear us talk about. We can cover all kinds of stuff, and maybe you'll be able to stump us. That would be fun as well, if we could learn a thing or two from you! All right. Thank you again for sharing some of your time with us. Cherise, thanks for taking some time and chatting with me and we will see all of you next time.


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