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Living with Diabetes

7 Ways to Deal with Diabetes Stress

4/12/2022 by mySugr

7 Ways to Deal with Diabetes Stress

Managing diabetes often comes with challenges that leave you feeling stressed. Regularly checking blood sugar levels. Making the right food choices. Taking medication.

At times, it may all feel like too much to deal with. Daily diabetes stress often takes a toll, leading to diabetes distress. This occurs when all the frustration and worry combine, making it difficult to keep up with daily demands and management. However, with a few tips, it’s possible to cope with the stress.

#1 – Not every day is the same

Recognize that not every day will be the same … or perfect. Remember that blood sugar levels out of target may have many reasons. Don’t put pressure on yourself to reach your targets perfectly every day. Learn to handle one day at a time and continue working towards your goals.

#2 – Stop comparing yourself to others

Stop comparing yourself to other people. Everyone’s diabetes journey is different. What works for another person may not work for you, and what works for you may not work for them. Focus on your own goals, not trying to measure up to someone else’s goals.

#3 – Set realistic goals

Speaking of goals, make sure you’re setting realistic ones for yourself. Do you want to lose weight? Don’t start with a goal of losing 50 pounds. Instead, choose a smaller goal like losing just 10 percent of your body weight.

Want to exercise more? Start with just 10 minutes a day instead of trying for 30 minutes. Reaching a smaller goal gives you the motivation to go after your bigger goals.

#4 – Discuss your diabetes with others

Sometimes simply talking about your stress helps. It can help put things into perspective. Or it may be a relief just to get it off your chest. Consider talking to your healthcare team about what’s worrying you about your diabetes management. They can give you advice on what may make things easier for you.1

It’s also great to talk to your family about how you’re feeling. Let them know when you’re struggling and help them understand what they can do to assist.

#5 – Consider a diabetes support group

Consider joining a diabetes support group.2 Other individuals with diabetes will understand many things you experience. Discuss how others deal with the daily stress of diabetes. Find out what works for them. Not everything that works for them will work for you. But, talking to others going through similar challenges can help you feel less overwhelmed and lonely.

#6 – Try new diabetes technology

Making use of new diabetes technology may relieve daily diabetes stress. Options like automated insulin delivery systems or continuous glucose monitors can simplify or even reduce some of your day-to-day diabetes management tasks.3 Ask your care team what new options may work for you.

#7 – Give yourself a break

Remember, you need a break from worrying about your health sometimes. Give yourself a break by doing some things you enjoy. Do something you love daily. Whether that’s playing with your kids or grandkids, doing a hobby you love, or talking with a friend, take time out daily to just live and enjoy your life. 






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