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What has my data done for me lately?

9/20/2018 by Fredrik Debong

What has my data done for me lately?

The word “data” is one of the most annoying buzzwords around the diabetes community. Data is only as useful as you make it – on a personal as well as on a company level. Having tons of data means nothing until you put it into context and take action.

I’d love to highlight a few fun, smart, and useful examples of how the data that you enter into mySugr helps you both through mySugr Coach as well as through the newly launched mySugr Insights, where we actively look for patterns in your data and translate it into simple and useful pieces of advice. I’d like to show you how we make these things happen!

Making coaching work for all of you

If you don’t know mySugr well yet then you’ll need to know that our company was founded by people with diabetes to make their therapy suck less – and from then on it’s grown quite a bit. Some 1.4 million people have made use of the app and that number is increasing at an amazing rate. The data entered in the app can also be synced across several devices and nowadays you can even have a diabetes educator working with you, based on the data you put in. Pretty cool, I’d say! Gary and his team of diabetes educators are based in Philly and work with tons of people with diabetes on a daily basis. Same with Michèle and her team here in Vienna. They help you make sense of all that data, answer tricky questions on tech like CGM, help you tackle exercise and fajitas in better ways… the list goes on. But how can they handle this for over a million users? Well, they can’t! So that’s where our algorithms come into play!
Grafik Glühbirne
Based on your data, our system calculates a risk score: how probable is it that you’ll have a hypo or go hyper, based on the data that is already there? This number is shown to our coaches and helps them focus on those who need it most. Of course, if you drop them a line they’ll get back to you anyway. Nifty and simple, and a great example of how smart technology together with your data can make your life suck less.

Insights into your hypos and hypers

Lately, we have a few people working on creating smart features focused on making even more use of the data. A fun project we just launched is mySugr Insights! In our experience, it is really hard to find what you should focus on in your therapy as there is simply SO much going on. With Insights, we hope to help thousands of people with just this, every week.
The Insights are based on how diabetologists and diabetes educators work, starting with lowering the risk in your therapy and then ramping up to work on fine-tuning. Start with hypos, followed by hypers, then the stability, followed by… There’s a process to it. To make this run smart and smoothly, we have developed a heap of algorithms to find the holes in your therapy, connecting the dots, finding out what’s most important and then sending you the right material so you can work on getting even more awesome. Take a look here to find out more about this new thing we built!

Do these apps work?

Good question! One which the scientific community, as well as our docs and educators, have asked themselves tons of times. The short answer is: we definitely see a pattern!
mySugr Insights
By running an analysis on randomly sampled, anonymized data, our friends at ProSciento have been able to shed some light on this over the past few years. Take a look here and here to see what they have found. This is stuff that is presented at the big diabetes conferences and will impact the whole development of future diabetes products and research. I hope this brief review of what we’ve been up to and how we work is as exciting to you as it is to us. You can expect this kind of help to be in the spotlight more and more at mySugr during the next few months. Making our data speak in the way we need it, is a new, unexplored and exciting field. We believe that with a bit more work we can make mySugr even smarter, your life simpler, your therapy better and at the same time put a smile on your face.

Fredrik Debong

Co-Founder and living with type 1 diabetes since the age of 4. Swede. A little crazy sometimes, but definitely full of inspiration.

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