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Living with Diabetes

10 things to avoid if your blood sugar is low

12/20/2018 by mySugr

10 things to avoid if your blood sugar is low

Okay. Low blood sugar sucks. That’s for sure. Nobody needs it, nobody wants it, but with diabetes, it still happens from time to time.

One low can also feel completely different from another. Some are intense, while others are subtle and sneaky. But no matter how subtle or intense it might be, the answer to how lows feel is always the same: “TERRIBLE!”

Sometimes you might feel sluggish, sometimes you want to eat everything in sight, maybe you start babbling on and on, or laughing at inappropriate moments. Brains do not work right during lows!

Ilka asked around our Vienna office and found a bunch of things that our colleagues with diabetes would recommend avoiding while low. Can you relate?

1. Painting fingernails or putting on makeup

Sometimes this is hard enough! With a hypo, however, it becomes a real challenge! Well, when in doubt, you can still call it “art” right?

2. Shopping while low

Yeah, this will get out of control. Have you ever gone shopping while hungry? Multiply that feeling times infinity. You might just buy everything you see.

3. Talking with your boss

Or talking at all, actually. No matter with whom, no matter about what. With low blood sugar, talking can be a challenge. Or worse yet, your filter completely disappears and you say things that were better left unspoken.

4. Doing a handstand

This comes from our Yogi Marlis. She tried it and deemed it unsafe. Sometimes it’s hard enough to stand on your feet with low blood sugar, isn't it?

5. Going for a swim

This really is no joking matter. If you notice you’re slipping into a hypo, get out of the water! This also applies to the bathtub!

6. Driving a car

Same as swimming! You don’t belong behind the wheel if you’re low. Pull over and treat your low, for your own safety and for the safety of those around you!

7. Calling your ex

Hmm, or perhaps you should? It’s said that there is truth in wine, and sometimes the symptoms of lows can feel like intoxication...

8. Shaving your head

Razors, knives, scissors, matches, lighters, and other sharp objects are not for hypo's hands! This naturally applies to leg shaving as well. Right, Scott? Look at that shiny head!

9. Making important decisions

It’s no guarantee that you’ll make the wrong decision while you’re low. But it is a pretty sure thing that you’re taking a bigger risk than necessary. Why not wait until you feel better and have your wits about you? That’s the smarter move.


You're low! Eat something! Fast!

What else can you think of? Have you ever had any mishaps or maybe a funny story during a low? Tell us about it! We’d love to hear about it!


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