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Your diabetes monster - friend or foe?

2/3/2019 by mySugr

Your diabetes monster - friend or foe?

Externalizing diabetes through your diabetes monster is a key part of mySugr's idea of making diabetes suck less. Do you see yours as friend or foe?

Diabetes can sometimes feel mean. How many times have you done everything right, followed all of the rules and instructions just as you were taught – and things still went wacky? Doesn't it make you want to smash your diabetes stuff into a million pieces! In moments like these, your diabetes monster feels like a foe! When things are going fine, and your blood sugar cooperates, you feel great. Your diabetes monster in the mySugr app jumps around, laughs, and makes a bunch of funny noises. Life is good, and your diabetes monster feels more like a friend. Did you know you can tickle it and even give it a name?

Paper is for origami


With diabetes, it's a lot like a new puppy. At first, the puppy comes home, and it's pure chaos – chewing up shoes and peeing on everything. However, if you devote some time to your new puppy, learn how to take good care of it and live well together, life gets more comfortable.


Your diabetes monster might be similar. If you ignore your diabetes, it will cause trouble and interrupt everything. But if you devote some time and energy to your diabetes, learning how to manage blood sugars and take good care of yourself, you can develop a friendship of sorts. If you have to live with diabetes, you might as well figure out how to make the best of it, right? There's one monster reaction we use in the mySugr app that we'd love your input on. When you've reached your point goal for the day, and your diabetes monster is "tamed," it's visibly tamed! You can be delighted and proud of yourself for looking after your diabetes, for sure! But does the little guy deserve a ball-and-chain with a zipped up mouth? Or should it be more like a celebration – with confetti?


How do you feel about your diabetes monster? How would you like to see it tamed?

Paper is for origami


Make diabetes suck less! It's our mission, our motto, our way of life. We're thrilled you stopped by. Learn more about our products. Learn more about our company.