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mySugr & Roche Diabetes Care

The mySugr® app offers simplified diabetes management on the go with personalized views, tools and goals. And that's not all! You can use mySugr to share your diabetes data with your doctor, who uses the Roche Diabetes Care Platform, a secure online diabetes management system that allows your healthcare team to support you with even more ways to optimize your diabetes therapy.


Roche Diabetes Care - even better together

mySugr is created by people with diabetes for people with diabetes and eases the complexity of your daily therapy routine. In 2017, mySugr joined the Roche Diabetes Care family, extending our reach and bringing even more ways to support people living with diabetes.

With over 40 years of experience, Roche Diabetes Care puts people with diabetes in focus, providing strong support throughout their diabetes journey, no matter the therapy type or device choice. With this common goal, mySugr proudly joins Roche Diabetes Care to further our commitment to innovative therapy solutions putting people with diabetes in the center.

You don’t have to do diabetes alone

Enjoy more flexibility and control when you manage your diabetes with mySugr⁸. Collect all your diabetes data in one place! Seamlessly and safely share it with your health care team for less hassle, more insights, and better outcomes.¹­­­ˉ⁷

mySugr & Accu-Chek

What’s in it for you?

We envision a world where people with diabetes can live full and healthy lives, free from worry about the daily grind of their therapy. With over 5 million registered app users in more than 80 countries, we are well on our way to achieving our goal to Make diabetes suck less®.

  • Make the most out of your diabetes data. With our intuitive home screen, you can see where you’ve been—with blood sugar averages, hypers, hypos, carbs and activity—and where you’re heading, with the estimated HbA1c
  • Made to be yours. Your style, your app, your diabetes therapy. Customize tags and reminders to personalize the way you view and interact with mySugr. Make it unique to your needs
  • Positive results. Retrospective studies indicate that mySugr lowers the risk of severe hypoglycemic events (LBGI)⁸ and shows a positive effect on the estimated HbA1c and the risk for hyperglycemic excursions (HBGI)⁸
  • Better information, better support¹. Connect  your meter to wirelessly transfer your blood sugar results to mySugr. Why stop there? Connect the mySugr app to your RocheDiabetes Care Platform account to share results with your doctor in real time—and skip the meter download at your next appointment!
  • Streamlined sharing. Secure, reliable data sharing means less hassle and more meaningful insights for you and your healthcare team, supporting better therapy outcomes¹ˉ⁸
This app is easy to use. Helps keep track of sugars, carb intake, activity. Easy for my doctor to look at. Gives me a goal to beat my monster everyday.
Lee via Google Play Store
October 2020
This app helps keep me on track, and is loved by my Doctor.
Aaron via Google Play Store
October 2020
Very handy, smart and awesome; it does the job pretty well with my new ACCU-CHEK Guide.
Bob via Google Play Store
September 2020
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This app is easy to use. Helps keep track of sugars, carb intake, activity. Easy for my doctor to look at. Gives me a goal to beat my monster everyday.
Lee via Google Play Store
October 2020
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More than 5 million downloads worldwide*. 4.6 stars user experience rating.

Average app rating in App Store and Google Play.

*From Jan 1, 2019 to March 4, 2024, based on aggregated numbers provided by the App stores consoles

  • Get it on Google Play
  • Download at the App Store
mySugr 5 million downloads

Explore mySugr App Features

transfer results
mySugr Logbook

Your diabetes information on-the-go. Add insulin, activity, carbs, even photos, anytime, anywhere.

Easily transfer results

Connect your Accu-Chek® blood glucose meter to wirelessly transfer blood sugar results to the mySugr app.

Share results

Take it one step further. Connect mySugr to your RocheDiabetes Care Platform account and share your blood sugar, insulin and carbs information with your doctor and healthcare team.

Estimated HbA1c

See where you’ve been with daily blood sugar averages, and where you’re going with an estimation of your HbA1c right at the top.

Data Secured and Encrypted

Meets highest quality and security requirements according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


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