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Living with Diabetes

3 quick and easy tips to tame your hunger

3/28/2019 by mySugr

3 quick and easy tips to tame your hunger

We know the 24/7 grind of managing diabetes can be a downer sometimes.

That’s one reason we aim to bring a little levity to your life with our quirky monster mascot. It’s our hope that our mission to ‘make diabetes suck less’ will shine through, even when your own diabetes mascot is grumbling. Thus, our latest initiative to flood the diabetes community with a new Hashtag-O’-Happy.


Diabetes is no joke, but we can still laugh at the moments of irony and ridiculousness that come with the insulin-dripping territory once in a while. Like when you find yourself in-between meetings and need to eat but are short on time. Thanks to a rushed day, you don’t have your planned meal but thanks to those pesky basal rates delivering right on time, your quickly dropping blood glucose is screaming "its chowtime!" and that BG is rolling over you like a boss. Enter the drive-thru, food truck, coffee shop, or corner store filled with tasty treats you can quickly eat on-the-go.
FACT: It’s difficult to make healthy choices when you have sensory cues at play, but you can still have confidence in yourself and in your plan. Sure, those convenient options are…well…convenient, but not always ideal in their options. This is when just a touch of pre-planning on your part can save the day. Here are three tips to tame that hunger even when you are bombarded with unhealthy options:
  1. All Hail the Protein Bar: There are eleventy-billion options (yes that’s a real number #noitsnot) and they are shelf-stable enough to keep a stash in your desk, your bag, or even some in your car. You can buy them almost anywhere; even Amazon sells a huge selection to choose from. Just make sure you read the ingredients and nutrition label before you buy! Just like everyone’s diabetes may vary, so does the carb-load on every protein bar. Shop smart, stock smart, plan smart!
  2. Go Nuts: Nuts are a great way to provide your body some fuel to stave of hunger long enough to get you headed towards healthier eating choices. Walnuts are great, but almonds, peanuts, cashews, and pistachios are all great snacking choices that will sustain you. Side perk: they pack a wallop in the whole-health department with their healthy fats and Omega counts and you can buy them pre-packaged in handy little go-size bags! They don’t have a huge carb load but are calorie dense, so be on the watch for dropping blood glucose and treat accordingly.
  3. Aim Higher: Sometimes, fast & convenient just wins and that’s OKAY. No judgment if the neighborhood food truck is saving your life. You can still save your eating plan by making a few tweaks to your order:
    • Choose a salad – double the protein, hold the cheese, dressing on the side.
    • Burgers on deck – hold the cheese, make it a wrap or go bun-less, skip the sides.
    • Avoid freebies – ignore the chips & salsa or basket of bread, save it for the main course.
    • Pack it up – A to-go box can hold 1/2 of your meal so stretch a buck and save a few calories.
Don’t get completely bamboozled by diabetes. A little planning, a little fortitude, and a smidge of humor while you track will carry you well when that quirky monster spurs you towards junk-food spree. Got a funny story, join us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and share your #FunnyNotFunny experiences with us.


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